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Aluminum window and door system IMPERIAL

aluminum windows
The IMPERIAL window and door system is based on solutions provided by Aliplast. It allows us to construct various types of aluminum windows, doors and shop windows, including: tilt-and-turn windows, outward-opening windows, concealed sash windows, as well as aluminum doors with high thermal parameters. The various options of the IMPERIAL system are compatible with each other, so that you can, for example, build windows or doors into the IMPERIAL aluminum shop windows.
Depth of frame

65 mm

Depth of leaf

74 mm

Glazing range

4 - 51 mm


43 (-2, -4) dB

Maximum size of structure

3500 x
2400 mm

Thermal insulation Uf

od 1,28 W/m2K*

*Thermal insulation is dependent on a combination of profiles and thickness of the filling

Possibility of implementation IMPERIAL

IMPERIAL i+ aluminum windows, doors and walls

Aluminum window and door system with high thermal insulation parameters, available in two thermal variants: i and i+. IMPERIAL is designed for construction of aluminum windows, doors and shop windows in which various types of fittings can be used, including concealed hinges and fittings dedicated to PVC windows (the most popular solution is Siegenia Titan AF). IMPERIAL is most often used in individual houses, public buildings and commercial and service facilities.

IMPERIAL OUT aluminum outward opening windows

IMPERIAL OUT, or Imperial Outward, is a system of tilted and outward-opening aluminum windows. The system is fully compatible with other IMPERIAL options, thanks to the use of the same elements, such as connectors, gaskets, and trims. IMPERIAL OUT is characterized by a flush inner surface of the frame and sash. It is very popular in the Scandinavian countries, where the frequent strong wind presses the window sash against the frame, which prevents the window from unsealing. IMPERIAL OUT is also used in the British Isles for houses stylized as old mansions.

IMPERIAL SU aluminum windows with a hidden sash

A system of aluminum windows characterized by concealed sashes that are invisible from the outside. IMPERIAL SU, in combination with the IMPERIAL fixed glazing, makes the window and fixed units look identical from the outside. This effect is possible thanks to the specially designed shape of the frame, covering the entire height of the sash profile. IMPERIAL SU is also available in the thermal version “i”, i.e. with thermal insulation along the perimeter at the point of adherence of the pane to the profile.

IMPERIAL 800 aluminum doors

The IMPERIAL 800 three-chamber system is designed for construction of aluminum doors with high insulation parameters. Thanks to specially designed adaptive profiles, the IMPERIAL 800 doors are compatible with other system options. They perfectly match the IMPERIAL aluminum shop windows, often used in commercial and service facilities. The IMPERIAL 800 door range also includes an anti-finger trap solution.

Technical data and specification of IMPERIAL windows and doors

IMPERIAL i+ aluminum windows, doors and walls
Depth of frame: 65 mm
Depth of leaf: 74 mm
Glazing range: 4 - 51 mm
Acoustics: 43 (-2,-4) dB
Max. size of structure: 1300 x 2752 mm (single-leaf window); 2200 x 2400 mm (double-leaf window); 3500 x 2400 mm (three-leaf window)
Thermal insulation Uf: Uf from 1,28 W/m2K
Air permeability: Class 4; EN 12207
Windload resistance: Data available in the AMEX-BĄCZEK Technology Department
Watertightness: Data available in the AMEX-BĄCZEK Technology Department

In aluminum windows and doors we most often use Siegenia fittings

In aluminum windows and doors, we most often use fittings of the Siegenia, a brand well known in the world. We refer to the fittings from the TITAN AF series, which already in the standard version guarantee a high level of safety. Please also note that in some cases we use Master or ROTO fittings. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the AMEX-BĄCZEK Aluminum Department.

Selected paints available in aluminum window and door systems based on Aliplast solutions

The aluminum window and door systems we build based on Aliplast profiles are available in six richly colored paint palettes. Selected paint samples are presented below, and all available paints are presented in the Window Colors section [click the button below]. We invite you to take a look at our offer.

Examples of Tiger paint patterns


Examples of Wood Colour Effect paint patterns

light concrete
dark concrete
golden oak

Examples of Timeless Colours paint patterns


Examples of Life Colours paint patterns


Examples of IGP Pulvertechnik paint patterns


Examples of Anodising Colours paint patterns

(C-0 ES)
clear champagne
(C-31 ES)
(C-32 ES)
(C-33 ES)
(C-34 ES)
(C-35 ES)

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