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Smoke ventilation & aeration

The statistics are unequivocal: the danger of poisoning by the gases generated during a fire is much greater than that of direct fire.

Gravity smoke extraction

Gravity smoke extraction systems are a key element in securing buildings in case of fire. Effective removal of gases and heat resulting from the occurrence of fire from the facility determines the safety both of people inside and firefighters conducting firefighting activities.

The main elements of gravity smoke removal systems are:

  • aeration vents ensuring the inflow of compensating air
  • smoke dampers discharging gas and heat outside the building complying with the PN-EN 12101-2 standard
  • elements for automatic or manual control of aeration holes and smoke dampers guaranteeing a sufficiently quick and effective response to the threat
control panels
control panels
opening mechanisms
opening mechanisms
air intakes
air intakes
smoke dampers
smoke dampers

Vertical smoke dampers outwards opening

vertical smoke damper - outward opening turned damper
vertical smoke damper - outward opening tilted damper
vertical smoke damper - out-swing damper

vertical smoke dampers inwards opening

vertical smoke damper - inward opening turned damper
vertical smoke damper - inward opening tilted damper
vertical smoke damper - in-swing damper

Opening mechanisms

In the esco NRWG smoke ventilation system air intakes and smoke dampers are opened with actuators controlled with the central system panel.

Depending on functions being required, the following electromechanical actuators are used:

  • SM pin actuators (available as single or tandem actuators)
  • KM chain actuators (available as single or tandem actuators or as equipped with a bolt actuator)
  • BS arm actuators (available as single or tandem actuators or as equipped with a bolt actuator) or
  • PN pneumatically driven actuators (used in locations with extreme requirements)

Both chain and pin actuators can work as separate mechanisms and as a fully synchronized tandem system. They can also be equipped with additional modules, ensuring maximum damper tightness.

Control cabinet AFG-2004

Control cabinet AFG-2004

The AFG-2004 control cabinet delivers 24 VDC power supply to:

  • damper and smoke ventilation (smoke exhausts) drives
  • electromagnetic locks (electric triggering devices) in pneumatical dampers or firefighting ventilation dampers equipped with electric triggering devices
  • firefighting ventilation damper actuators
  • drives of doors with air intakes
  • smoke curtain drives
  • connectors in aeration and smoke ventilation fans

AFG control cabinets are equipped with independent power supply, so lack of power, a frequent event during fire, is not an obstacle for activation of the smoke ventilation system.

They also have comfort-increasing functions, such as alarm in case of interruption, processing time adjustment, extension limit and indicator of time remaining for next maintenance to be performed.

Additional control cabinet functions can be performed thanks to use of auxiliary modules.

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