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Fire protection systems

Our fire protection systems allow for the construction of various elements of development that create the right conditions in buildings for evacuating people. The so-called fire zones may consist of single-leaf and double-leaf aluminum doors, internal and external fixed partitions, as well as technical fire windows. Depending on the choice of the solution and the purpose of the structure, fire protection systems can be resistant to fire for 30 to 120 minutes (available fire resistance classes: EI30, EI60 and EI120).

Aluminum MB-78EI fire protection system


  • profile: Aluprof
  • fire resistance: EI30, EI60
  • depth of mullion: 78 mm
  • depth of transom: 78 mm
  • glazing range: 6 - 49 mm
  • possibility of implementation: internal and external fixed fire partitions, single-leaf and double-leaf fire doors, technical fire windows, muntin-free fire barrier walls

Aluminum MB-60E EI fire protection system


  • profile: Aluprof
  • fire resistance: EI30
  • depth of mullion: 60 mm
  • depth of transom: 60 mm
  • glazing range: 5 - 41 mm
  • possibility of implementation: internal fire partitions with doors

Aluminum MB-118EI fire protection system


  • profile: Aluprof
  • fire resistance: EI120
  • depth of mullion: 118 mm
  • depth of transom: -
  • glazing range: 31 - 84 mm
  • possibility of implementation: internal and external fixed fire partitions

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