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Spacer bars

Swisspacer Ultimate Spacer bar

What are spacer bars?

The spacer bar is a sealing of the edge used in the glazing unit windows and doors. It is used in both single-chamber and double-chamber panes. Depending on what material it is made of, it can have a very beneficial effect on the overall heat transfer coefficient of the entire window and, consequently, on energy savings.

The warmest spacer bars used by us – from the Swiss brand Swisspacer – are made of plastic and filled with a hygroscopic agent in the form of granules. They are distinguished by excellent aesthetics and availability in many colors.

In our offer you will also find Chromatech Ultra warm bars with a hybrid design made of stainless steel and PVC.

Why do we need spacer bars?

They enable a significant reduction in the phenomenon of water vapor condensation at the junction of the bar and the glazing unit. A higher temperature at the edge of the inner glass in the glazing unit allows for an increase in the relative humidity of the room by several percent. If traditional aluminum spacer bars were used, this increased humidity, under certain conditions, would cause water to condense on the surface of the glass. Interestingly, single-chamber glazing units with a warm edge spacer bar performs better in this respect than a two-chamber glazing unit with an aluminum spacer bar.

Swisspacer Ultimate

Swisspacer Ultimate and Advance Warm Edge Spacer Bars

Swisspacer Ultimate frames provide an impressively low heat transfer coefficient at the edge of the glazed unit. This results in sufficiently low values of the Uw coefficient for windows, which is associated with energy savings for end users.

Swisspacer Advance, on the other hand, is a warm edge spacer bar with a particularly favorable quality-to-price ratio. Thanks to its low thermal conductivity coefficient, it ensures high energy efficiency for each glazed unit.

The Ultimate and Advance spacer bars are identical in terms of visuals. They differ only in the thickness of the aluminum strip that they are covered with from the bottom. It is this strip that has a decisive impact on the value of the spacer bar’s Psi coefficient, which translates into the final value of the windows’ Uw coefficient.

Swisspacer spacer bars width: from 8 to 24 mm.

Psi coefficient of Swisspacer spacer bars
for single-chamber | double-chamber glass panes
  PVC Systems
1,2 W/m2K
ALU Systems
1,6 W/m2K
Swisspacer Ultimate 0,032 | 0,030 0,047 | 0,042
Swisspacer Advance 0,039 | 0,037 0,036 | 0,031
Swisspacer Advance

Swisspacer spacer bars colors

Swisspacer spacer bars are available in 6 standard colors.
Swisspacer colours

Standard color palette

(similar to
RAL 9023)
light grey
(similar to
RAL 7035)
(similar to
RAL 9016)
(similar to
RAL 9005)
dark brown
(similar to
RAL 8014)
light brown
(similar to
RAL 8003)

Ultimate vs. Advance

Swisspacer Ultimate spacer bars are covered from the bottom with thicker aluminum film than the Advance spacer bars. Therefore, they achieve a lower Psi coefficient. Visually, the spacer bars are identical.

Chromatech Ultra
spacer bars
- a hybrid of stainless steel and PVC

Chromatech Ultra

Bent spacer bar made of stainless steel and PVC. In terms of the Psi parameter, it is comparable to the Swisspacer Advance spacer bar. However, it is available in much fewer color options:

  • black RAL 9004
  • light grey RAL 7035
  • dark grey RAL 7040
  • light brown RAL 8003
  • dark brown RAL 8016
  • white RAL 9016

Chromatech spacer bars width: from 10 to 22 mm.

Psi coefficient of Chromatech spacer bars
for single-chamber | double-chamber glass panes
  PVC Systems
ALU Systems
Chromatech Ultra 0,039 | 0,037 0,048 | 0,043
Spacer bars in arched windows

Spacer bars in arched windows

All orders for arched windows are carried out using the Swisspacer Advance and Chromatech Ultra spacer bars. Swisspacer Ultimate spacer bars cannot be arched.

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