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Window & door fittings

In PVC and ALU window and door systems, we most often use Siegenia fittings


Fittings for windows and balconies

Okucia do okien Siegenia

We use the highest quality fittings in our windows, providing customers with trouble-free and comfortable operation, durability, functionality, and safety.

Elements mounted on the sash


The espagnolettes made of high-quality materials, in combination with mushroom cams, guarantee high operation comfort and effective anti-burglary protection. They are also a key element for increasing efficiency. Thanks to the wedging system which reduces clearances and tolerance, all components can be screwed automatically, which guarantees the long-term operation of the espagnolette mechanism.


The multifunctional corner is used in window sashes of all possible sizes. Thanks to it, opening, tilting and closing the windows is very easy. This is because the movement of the sash is suppressed at an early stage, and its simultaneous lifting ensures easy insertion of the sash into the frame. The main elements of the corner are a tilt catch, locking with mushroom cams, sash lift, and locking of improper sash operation.

Tilt and turn ending

The tilt and turn ending plays an important role in the window. It eliminates clearances and prevents deformation of window sashes in all sizes; permanently increases the comfort of operating thanks to the retrofitting in the form of a lift; thanks to the pressure adjustment, it guarantees optimal tightness; guarantees an integrated guide and anti-theft protection when the window sash is in the tilt position.

Air latch

The air latch gives better support for closing the window by gently slowing down the sash. The large range of the closing support on the air latch allows you to close even really wide window sashes easily and effortlessly. Thanks to the standard slide made of high-quality plastic, the air latch gives high load-bearing capacity with minimal friction. It also acts as an integrated protection against latching in the tilting position, and a lock in the tilting position prevents improper operation of the window.

Automatic tolerance alignment, i.e. mushroom cam

A stepless height adjustment means that the mushroom cam self-aligns the fitting clearance tolerances and automatically adapts to changing conditions such as temperature. In addition, it provides the highest comfort of operation thanks to the always optimally set and durable closing system. It is also worth noting that the mushroom cam has a high level of resistance to burglaries.

Frame-mounted elements

Standard catch

The durable combination of steel and plastic guarantees exceptional wear resistance, higher comfort of use and easy operation. It has an optimized shape for the balcony door latch, and thanks to special undercuts of the catch, it guarantees optimal clamping force and easy closing. The catch requires almost no maintenance, is very durable and ensures smooth movement without friction. Due to a height of only 8 mm, it is the optimal solution even with low or narrow windows.

Anti-theft catch

Thanks to the durable combination of plastic and steel, a flat shape (only 8 mm high) and easy drilling technology, the anti-theft catches easily meet the requirements of the RC2 anti-burglary resistance class. They can also be used as a complementary element to increase safety. Always with minimal friction, with no compromise in terms of ease of use or appearance.

Tilt catch 56 S-RS

It provides a high level of protection and lasting comfort of use thanks to the use of a roller lift and a combination with mushroom cams. It guarantees universal use, also when using a mullion connector. The tilt catch can be used in combination with the multifunctional corner VSU/K 56+. The same length (56 mm) and position of the screws as in standard catches increase the efficiency of production processes.
The hinge side, meaning nice appearance and high efficiency

The hinge side, meaning nice appearance and high efficiency

Hinge side

Bottom hinge

Designed for sashes weighing up to 130 kg. It is flush with the bottom rebate of the window, all screws are covered, it can be varnished or covered with a plastic cover. The hinge lined with plastic reduces friction and has anti-burglary protection in the tilt position. It has a clamp adjustment.

Upper hinge (angled)

It has an integrated opening stop, thus preventing the window from slamming shut from the tilting position, e.g. in the case of a draught. The convenient connection of the angled hinge enables a well-thought-out and time-saving fitting process as well as a long-lasting, safe connection. The hinge is flush with the top rebate of the window, giving the window a subtle and modern look.

The covered hinge side means a very subtle and modern look of the window

High-quality, stylish hidden fittings give the window a subtle and modern look. In combination with extensive glazing in a narrow frame, they give a stunning visual effect. The covered hinge side also has high wear resistance and is very safe. It has a high load capacity – up to 150 kg without the need for additional elements.

Okucia do drzwi tarasowych HST i PSK

Hook bolt gear

Choosing various types of espagnolettes for the patio doors of HST type (lift-and-slide) results in a lot of possibilities. Thanks to this, we can freely set the level of comfort of operation, from standard solutions to those at a truly high level. The choice begins with determining the type of espagnolette: classic with two or more durable locking bolts or innovative, flush with the profile, with up to three hooks.


The trolleys used in the lift-and-slide patio doors have an integrated adjustment that allows the rear part of the leaf to be lifted by approx. 3 mm. At the same time, they provide flexible and safe adjustment of the sliding leaf position and perfect alignment of tolerances. Thanks to the possibility of adjustment on site, they guarantee easy sliding and a high degree of tightness. They are also available in the SOFT CLOSE version, which gently slows down the movement of the leaf in the last phase of closing.
Rod connecting the slides
The connecting rod is responsible for the synchronisation of two longitudinal slides, which additionally ensures smooth and stable guidance of the tilt-and-slide patio door leaf.
A special guide on the closing side in the running rail and the one synchronously integrated with it in the buffer guide rail, ensure the gentle sliding of the tilt-and-slide door leaf.
In combination with the buffer integrated on the hinge side in the guide rail, it slows down the movement of the tilt-and-slide door leaf that opens at the top and bottom.dole.
Additional brake
At the top, on the closing side, and diagonally at the bottom, additional brakes have been placed, which gently slow down the movement of the tilt-and-slide door leaf and prevent vibrations.
Running rail and guide rail
A specially coated guide rail together with a stable running rail ensure the smooth movement of sliding leaves weighing up to 200 kg and direct the weight of the leaf to safe tracks.

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