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Panel doors

Drzwi wejściowe AB-IN 6127
Drzwi wejściowe AB-GL 03
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There are more than 100 door models to choose from!

Discover panel door systems

Panel doors GENESIS 75Panel doors GENESIS 75


Aluminum panel doors
Panel entrance doors with increased thermal insulation designed from aluminum profiles of the GENESIS 75 system.
Panel doors STARPanel doors STAR


Aluminum panel doors
Panel entrance doors with very high thermal parameters designed from STAR aluminum profiles.

Learn the types of door panels

Inserted panel

Inserted panel

The panel is inserted into the door leaf frame in the same way as a glazed unit. On both sides of the door, the leaf profile is visible, which “surrounds” the panel around its perimeter. This door design allows you to easily and quickly replace the panel with another one.
Double-sided cladding panel

Double-sided cladding panel

Decorative panels cover the door structure (the entire sash frames) on both sides, making the door, both inside and outside, smooth and elegant. Only harmoniously composed door frame and door panel are visible.
Single-sided cladding panel

Single-sided cladding panel

From the outside (outdoors), the entire structure of the door leaf is covered with a decorative panel, while from the inside, the leaf profile is visible, and the panel is “surrounded” by a traditional glazing bead around the perimeter.

PREMIUM DOORS door panels are provided by DINDECOR


Check the available panel door lines

  • BL-LINE panel doors


    The range of BL-LINE external door panels includes selected PR-LINE panels, enriched with elegant black applications and frames. Combined with the deep black of the door pulls and accessories, the BL-LINE doors look very stylish and exclusive.
  • CE-LINE panel doors


    CE-LINE models are made of durable and easy to maintain quartz sinter. They give the doors an original form with the highest quality. We present the designs in three colour versions of CORTEN steel, CONCRETE and GREY.
  • CO-LINE panel doors


    CO-LINE panels are made of cladding finished with architectural concrete. The cladding can be broken by delicate inlays or glazing. CO-LINE panels create a modern and stylish form for doors.
  • GL-LINE panel doors


    Aluminum cladding or wood-like coatings blend beautifully with the elegant black application of lacquered glass. The entrance doors with GL-LINE panels are distinguished by decorative and eye-catching glass elements.
  • IN-LINE panel doors


    The integrated recessed door pull will make the entrance to your home memorable. If you want to emphasize the uniqueness of your property even more, you can equip the door pull with LED lighting, and enrich the door with stainless steel applications, milling or glazing.
  • LI-LINE panel doors


    New series of door infill panels using 3D lamellas. The vertical lamellas are made of aluminium profiles, which we can freely adjust to the surroundings. The structure of the lamellas can be painted in any colour, but mainly thanks to the use of modern technologies we can create wood-like colours that perfectly imitate wood such as Winchester.
  • PR-LINE panel doors


    The PR-LINE doors offer the most versatile panel line. They will certainly meet the expectations of both people who value minimalism and simplicity, as well as fans of extravagance. You can choose from milling, glazing, various varnishes, and wood-like cladding.
  • RE-LINE panel doors


    The elegant, traditional shapes of the glued frames will emphasize the uniqueness of both modern and historic buildings. RE-LINE is a classic design that connects generations, with the possibility of enriching with glazing.
  • ST-LINE panel doors


    ST-LINE door panels are made of natural stone available in three veneer materials: makalu, annapurna and everest. They are characterized by irregular structure and variety of textures and colors.

    Check out the panel door models

    Fittings and accessories for panel doors

    Our panel doors are equipped with the highest quality accessories. We offer a wide selection of handles and pulls from WALA and several types of Gretsch-Unitas access control systems. We invite you to explore the fittings and accessories for the entrance door.
    • D90 pull handle

      D90 pull handle

    • DP10 pull handle

      DP10 pull handle

    • DP45 pull handle

      DP45 pull handle

    • K1 250x150 mm pull handle

      K1 250x150 mm pull handle

    • K1 550x155 mm pull handle

      K1 550x155 mm pull handle

    • OS pull handle

      OS pull handle

    • P10 pull handle

      P10 pull handle

    • P10B pull handle

      P10B pull handle

    • P10D pull handle

      P10D pull handle

    • P1 pull handle

      P1 pull handle

    • P45D pull handle

      P45D pull handle

    • P5 pull handle

      P5 pull handle

    • PA45 pull handle

      PA45 pull handle

    • PS21 pull handle

      PS21 pull handle

    • Q10 pull handle

      Q10 pull handle

    • Q10D pull handle

      Q10D pull handle

    • Q135 pull handle

      Q135 pull handle

    • Q45 pull handle

      Q45 pull handle

    • Q5 pull handle

      Q5 pull handle

    • Q90 pull handle

      Q90 pull handle

    • Q90C pull handle

      Q90C pull handle

    • Q90CD pull handle

      Q90CD pull handle

    Types of panes used in panel doors

    • brown glass


      brown glass
    • grey glass


      grey glass
    • clear glass


      clear glass
    • clear glass


      clear glass
    • clear glass


      clear glass
    • clear glass


      clear glass
    • Venetian mirror


      Venetian mirror
    • milk glass


      milk glass
    • brown glass


      brown glass
    • grey glass


      grey glass
    • sandblasted glass

      Sandblasted glass

      by design
    • clear glass

      Transparent glass

      clear glass

      Can’t make up your mind?
      We have more door designs for you!

      If you do not find a design that meets your expectations in the wide range of entrance doors presented above, we invite you to take a look at the offer of panels for external doors from our two renowned suppliers: the Polish manufacturer of door panels VEYNA and the German brand Adeco.

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