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HST Patio doors

HST patio doors (from German: Hebeschiebetür, meaning literally a lift-and-slide door) are characterized by the following method of opening: thanks to the use of dedicated fittings, the door is closed when the handle is facing upwards. When you turn the handle 180 degrees downward, the door leaf gently lifts, allowing you to open the door (move the leaf sideways). We offer HST patio doors both in PVC (V-MOTION 82) and aluminum (ULTRAGLIDE and VISOGLIDE PLUS) profile systems. The former are based on VEKA solutions, while the latter are provided by Aliplast.

PVC patio doors V-MOTION 82


  • profile: VEKA, fittings: Gretsch-Unitas
  • profile depth: 194 mm
  • dedicated handles: G-U DIRIGENT
  • chambers: 7 in frame, 5 in leaf
  • possibilities of implementation: scheme A, C

Aluminum patio doors ULTRAGLIDE / MONORAIL MAXX


  • profile: Aliplast, fittings: Gretsch-Unitas
  • profile depth: 153-239 mm
  • sash depth: 67 mm
  • additional variants: low threshold, angular solution 90°
  • air permeability: Class 4; EN 12207
  • windload resistance: Class C4 (1600 Pa); EN 12210
  • watertightness: 9A (600 Pa); EN 12208

Aluminum patio doors VISOGLIDE PLUS


  • profile: Aliplast, fittings: Hautau
  • profile depth: 118/142/184 mm
  • sash depth: 51 mm
  • additional variants: monorail
  • air permeability: Class 4; EN 12207
  • windload resistance: C3/B4 (1200 Pa); EN 12210
  • watertightness: 9A; EN12208

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