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Renovation windows

Renovation windows are very popular in Italy and France. They are mainly used in renovated, often historic buildings, where when replacing windows, special attention is paid not to damage the façade. To avoid damage, only window sashes, fixed mullions and fittings are removed, while old frames remain in the window opening and new windows are mounted on them. In order to maintain aesthetics, the inside of old frames is covered with renovation frames, having “fins” specially designed for this purpose. Renovation windows are available in the following window and door systems: V-LINE 82, V-LINE 70, G-LINEAR 74 and G-LINE 74.

PVC renovation window systems V-LINE 70, V-LINE 82, G-LINE 74 and G-LINEAR 74

Renovation windows are available in PVC systems:

V-LINE 70 renovation windows
V-LINE 82 renovation windows
G-LINE 74 renovation windows
G-LINEAR 74 renovation windows

Roller shutter casings

Roller shutter casings are a very popular solution especially in Italy. We offer two types of casings: renovation casings (cassonetti da restauro) and casings used in new buildings (cassonetti monoblocco). We invite you to see our full offer of windows and doors for the Italian market [click].

Renovation roller shutter casings

They are most often used in renovated buildings. Thanks to their universal design, renovation roller shutter casings can be applied to existing casings without the need to replace the roller shutter. They are installed inside the room. Thanks to the multi-chamber profile, cassonetti da restauro are characterized by high strength and aesthetic appearance, and the ease of segmental joining of profiles allows to obtain any size of the cassette. The casings can be the color of the window, any available veneer from the V-LINE palette or any RAL color.

Roller shutter casings for new buildings

Monoblocco are roller shutter casings mounted in the window which open together with the window. They are used in new buildings. Monoblocco can be ordered with full equipment – roller shutter guide, roller shutter, as well as with the option of the motor roller shutter operation (automation). They are also available in the window color, the V-LINE window and door system veneer palette, and the RAL colors.

In PVC window and door systems, we use Siegenia fittings

In PVC windows and doors, we use fittings of the Siegenia, a brand well known in the world. We refer to the fittings from the TITAN AF series, which already in the standard version guarantee a high level of safety.

Selected colors (veneers) of renovation windows

Renovation windows are available in a wide range of veneers, both wood-like and imitating various metals and stones. In terms of color, the customer has a lot of options to choose from. They can order white windows, colored on one side, both sides, and bicolor (for example, white from the inside and anthracite on the outside). Renovation windows are not subject to optimization, which means that there are no standard colors. Click on the button below and view the full palette for V-LINE and G-LINE renovation window systems.
golden oak
winchester xa
swamp oak
anthracite grey
anthracite grey smooth

Dedicated handles

We dedicate two types of door handles to the renovation window systems, depending on the customer’s taste and needs. For those who value elegance, we recommend the Medos DUBLIN handles, which are available in many colors and two variants – brushed or sandblasted aluminum. In turn, for customers requiring more security, we offer Hoppe Atlanta handles with Secustik® technology. In both cases, the offer includes standard handles, push-button handles, and key handles.

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