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PVC sliding windows and doors system G-SLIDE 74

sliding windows and doors
Logo G-SLIDE 74
G-SLIDE 74 is a sliding window and door system based on Gealan PVC profiles. Thanks to the use of the Roto Frank special system of rollers and precisely matched seals along the entire circumference of the structure, G-SLIDE 74 can successfully serve as both patio doors and longitudinal sliding windows, perfect for kitchens, for example.
Profile depth

150 mm

(in frame)


(in sash)


Standard glazing package

44 mm



Uw coefficient


The G-SLIDE 74 sliding system can be successfully used in kitchens as a low and longitudinal window along the kitchen furnishing. Please note that the ratio of the height of the sash to its width may reach a maximum of 2:1. The weight of the sash may not exceed 200 kg.

Possibilities of implementation G-SLIDE 74

Schemat A
2-element door with the sliding sash and the glazed immovable part
Schemat C
4-element door with two sliding leaves and 2 glazed immovable parts

In G-SLIDE 74 sliding windows and doors, we use Roto fittings

Logo Roto Frank AG
Roto Patio Inowa is a smart fitting dedicated to G-SLIDE 74 sliding windows and doors. Thanks to an unbroken gasket around the entire circumference of the sash, the G-SLIDE 74 structures are highly tight and resistant to adverse weather conditions (strong wind and rain falling directly on the glass and frame).

Installation instructions G-SLIDE 74:

Discover Roto fittings for the G-SLIDE 74 sliding system

inter-hinge clamp
mullion clamp
control unit
mullion locking points
anti-theft catch
SoftClose function
SoftOpen function
activator for SoftClose / SoftOpen

Technical data and specification of G-SLIDE 74 sliding windows and doors

G-SLIDE 74 sliding windows and doors
Frame dimensions (W x H): 150 x 74 mm
Leaf dimensions (W x H): 74 x 92 mm
Max. frame size (W x H): 4000 x 2420 mm (scheme A); 5000 x 2420 mm (scheme C)
Max. leaf size (W x H): 2000 x 2300 mm (scheme A); 1250 x 2300 mm (scheme C)
Min. leaf size (W x H): 770 x 660 mm (scheme A and C)
Max. leaf area: 4,6 m2 (scheme A); 2,9 m2 (scheme C)
Max. leaf weight: 200 kg (scheme A and C)
Ratio of the height of the sash to its width: max 2:1
Number of leaves in scheme A: 2 (1 x slide, 1 x fix)
Number of leaves in scheme C: 4 (2 x slide, 2 x fix)
Glazing range: from 18 to 46 mm
Fittings: Roto

G-SLIDE 74 Circumferential sealing

Accurately adjusted sealings along entire circumference create the so called "closed sealing", assuring the highest level of tightness and protection against negative impact of weather conditions.
  • comfortable sliding
  • saving of space
  • high thermal insulation coefficient
  • optimum accoustic insulation
  • elegant and unobtrusive design
G-SLIDE 74 Circumferential sealing

Standard colors (veneers)

G-SLIDE 74 sliding window and door are available in a wide range of veneers. You can choose from woodgrain imitation, and various metal and stone imitation veneers. Additionally, the natural wood effect is provided by Realwood veneers.
golden oak
winchester xa
anthracite grey
anthracite grey smooth

RealWood veneers Natural wood effect

RealWood RAL 7016
RealWood scandinavian oak
RealWood RAL 9010
RealWood ginger oak
RealWood honey oak
RealWood woodec turner oak malt
Realwood veneers perfectly image genuine wood grain. They are significantly less glossy than standard veneers. As a result, they give G-LINEAR 74 windows a fresh and natural look. The Realwood palette consists of six hues: RAL 7016, scandinavian oak, RAL 9010, ginger oak, honey oak, amaranth oak and turner oak malt.

Dedicated handles for G-SLIDE 74 sliding windows and doors

In G-SLIDE 74 sliding windows and doors, we use Roto Line metal handles dedicated to this system. The following options are available: standard handles, push-button handles, handles with a key and outside door pulls. These elements are powder coated or anodized, depending on the color. Roto Line handles have a solid design, a grip with a height of 200 mm, and a 90° (degrees) stroke version. See the sample colors of the handles. For more information, please contact the Amex-Bączek Sales Departments and our Sales Partners.

Handles for sliding windows and doors G-SLIDE 74


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