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Scandinavian windows

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Scandinavian outward-opening PVC window system DANLINE

standard windows
Logo DANLINE okna skandynawskie

DANLINE windows are designed for the Scandinavian market and have two basic features: they open outwards (both in the vertical axis – tilt, and horizontal – outswing, depending on the fittings used), and the frames and sashes are flush on the outside (outdoors). Scandinavian windows have the advantage that they do not require free space inside the rooms when the sashes are open. If the DANLINE window is flush with the façade of the building, there is plenty of room for curtains, plants, and other decorations on the inner window sill. Reversible window types can be easily cleaned from the inside of the room. Due to the fact that the windows are opened outwards, the wind pressure facilitates sealing the window by pressing it against the gaskets and the frame.

Profile depth

116 mm

(in frame)


(in sash)


standard glazing package




Uw coefficients

from 0,91 W/m2K*

*współczynnik UW skalkulowany metodą obliczeniową dla okna referencyjnego o parametrach:
wymiar 1230 x 1480 mm; pakiet szybowy 4/12/4/12/4 + CRT UG = 0,7 W/m2K

Types of DANLINE Scandinavian windows

Find out about the available types of Scandinavian windows

  • side-hung, top-hung - standard outward tilting window with hinges on the side or top of the frame
  • top-swing fully reversible - rotary window with a horizontal axis
okno DANLINE side-hung
okno DANLINE top-hung
okno DANLINE top-swing fully reversible
top-swing fully reversible

DANLINE Scandinavian windows | Fittings gallery

Standard colors (veneers)

DANLINE Scandinavian window system is available in a wide range of woodgrain, various metal-like, and various metal and stone imitation veneers. In terms of color, customers have a wide range of options. They can order white windows, with veneer on both sides, or two-color windows, with white on the inside and anthracite on the outside, for example. In DANLINE windows, the core (profile) is available only in white.
golden oak
swamp oak
anthracite grey
anthracite grey smooth

In the Scandinavian windows of DANLINE
we use Hoppe Tokyo bent handles

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