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Special structures

Fire windows, doors and walls

Fire windows, doors and walls

We offer modern fire protection systems of various fire resistance classes supplied by Aluprof. Single-leaf and double-leaf fire doors, technical fire windows, internal and external fixed fire partitions and muntin-free fire barrier walls. Depending on the system used, the structures can be resistant to fire for 30 to 120 minutes (EI30, EI60 or EI120).
Escape doors

Escape doors

Properly designed escape routes play a key role in ensuring the safety of people in the building where a fire occurred. That is why such an important element of every company and institution could not be missing in our offer. We offer you a certified system designed for the construction of panic doors and emergency doors for use in exits and escape routes.
Smoke ventilation & aeration

Smoke ventilation & aeration

A well-thought-out gravity smoke extraction system is a key element for the safety of people and property in the facility where a fire occurred. The aeration windows and doors ensure the inflow of compensating air, while the smoke dampers installed in the roof discharge poisonous gases and heat from the building. The statistics unequivocally show that the gases produced during a fire are much more dangerous than the fire itself.

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