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PVC lift-and-slide patio door system V-MOTION 82

HST patio doors
Logo V-MOTION 82
The V-MOTION 82 is our latest lift-and-slide patio door system. The structures are made of PVC class A profiles supplied by VEKA. In this system, we make two-piece patio doors (with a sliding leaf and a passive leaf) and four-piece patio doors (two sliding and two passive leaves). The V-MOTION 82 door uses a continuous adapter profile with an integrated gasket and an aluminum cover, available in two variants: a barrier-free threshold or a threshold with a 3° (degrees) drop.
Profile depth


(in frame)


(in leaf)


Standard glazing package

48 mm



Uw coefficient


Possibilities of implementation V-MOTION 82

Schema A
two-part door with lift-and-slide door-leaf and glazed fixed part
Schema C
four-part door with 2 lift-and-slide leaves opened to the outside and 2 glazed fixed parts

V-MOTION 82 in RC2 burglary resistance class

V-MOTION 82 in RC2 burglary resistance class

1. Protection against breaking down the door

  • 1.1 Transmission corner
  • 1.2 Complete extension
  • 1.3 Cover
  • 1.4 Guide
  • 1.5 Complete wedge
  • 1.6 Bearing housing
  • 1.7 Lever
  • 1.8 Vertical washer
  • 1.9 Connecting bar P 959

2. Protection against prying the leaf

Protection against prying prevents manipulative prying of the patio door leaf in the closed position. It prevents the leaf from being lifted and tilted out of the frame.

Closing the patio door V-MOTION 82 with the handle activates the protection against prying and protection of the element. Two safety levers block the space between the leaf and the frame, thus preventing the leaf from being pried..

Advantages for users:
  • reliable protection against prying the window
  • invisible assembly
  • RC2 certificate

3. Protection against drilling the espagnolette for the patio door handles

Fittings lock - Dornmass 27,5 mm

Technical data and specification of V-MOTION 82 HST patio doors

V-MOTION 82 HST patio doors
Profile depth: 194 mm
Leaf depth: 82 mm
Glazing range: max 54 mm
Profile class: Class A
Possibilities of implementation: scheme A, scheme C
Maximum size of scheme A
(width x height):
6000 x 2700 mm (white); 5000 x 2500 mm (colorful)
Maximum size of scheme C
(width x height):
6500 x 2700 mm (white); 6500 x 2500 mm (colorful)
Maximum width of leaf:
3000 mm (white); 2500 mm (colorful)
Maximum weight of the glazing unit in the leaf:
250 kg
Air permeability: from Class 4
Windload resistance: from B3
Watertightness: from 9A

Selected colors (veneers) of V-MOTION 82 patio doors

V-MOTION 82 HST patio doors are available in a wide range of woodgrain, various metal-like, and various metal and stone imitation veneers. In terms of color, customers have a wide range of options. They can order white windows, with veneer on both sides, or two-color windows, with white on the inside and anthracite on the outside, for example. There are no standard colors in V-MOTION patio doors. Click on the button next to it and view all veneer designs.
golden oak
winchester xa
swamp oak
anthracite grey
anthracite grey smooth

Gretsch-Unitas DIRIGENT handles
for V-MOTION 82 patio doors

In the V-MOTION 82 patio doors, we use fittings and handles of the German brand Gretsch-Unitas. The G-U DIRIGENT door handles are available in eight colors and the following variants: standard door handle + door pull, double-sided door handle, and a door handle with a PZ escutcheon plate (with a key hole).

Available colors of G-U Dirigent handles and pull handles

Available colors of G-U Dirigent handles and pull handles:

standard handle + pull: titanium, old gold F4, stainless steel, anthracite RAL 7016, black RAL 9005, cream RAL 9001, brown UC5, white RAL 9016 and silver EV1
double-sided handle and PZ: as standard except for the color crem RAL 9001

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