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ATLANTA handles

Window handles
with Secustik® technology

This is how Secustik® technology works

  • Secustik® technology
    The locking mechanism for the window handle equipped with Secustik® technology.
  • Secustik® technology
    Turning the handle causes an audible locking with a precise click of the locking pins mounted on a spring [1] in special recesses in the housing [2].
  • Secustik® technology
    When you turn the handle further, the locking pins [1] are carried by the coupling element [3] to the subsequent recesses [2], where you will hear a click.
  • Secustik® technology
    In the event of a break-in attempt, the locking pins [1] are pressed by the second coupling element [3] into the recesses in the housing [2].
  • Secustik® technology
    In this position, the locking pin [1] effectively makes it difficult to turn the handle from the outside.
    Atlanta window handles are equipped with the Secustik® mechanism constituting the integrated basic security solution. This mechanism is to make it difficult to move the window fitting from the outside. In practice, the coupling element between the handle and the pin allows using the window handle from the inside but locks it when trying to manipulate it with the fitting from the outside. Secustik® is therefore a kind of “mechanical diode” that increases the level of safety. Moving the window handle equipped with Secustik® technology by 180° from the closed to the tilted position causes the mechanism to click audibly. The precise click is audible in any position when moving the handle, thanks to which it is an additional, audible safety accent.

    Atlanta window handles


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