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basic information

   V-LINE 82 windows are also very warm: the heat transfer coefficient Uw is only 0.75 W/m2K (calculated for the reference window, more information below). This low coefficient is due to the key features of the system: 82 mm profile depth, 7 chambers in the frame, 6 chambers in the sash, 48 mm thick glazing panel with a warm plastic frame (CRT), and three seals. This is why V-LINE 82 is a perfect solution for new buildings and houses under renovation.
v-line-82 windows profile depth
v-line-82 windows glass sheet package
v-line-82 windows gaskets
v-line-82 windows chambers in a frame
v-line-82 windows chambers in a wing
v-line-82 windows Uw coefficient
* the Uw coefficient calculated by the calculation method for the reference window with parameters: dimension: 1230 x 1480 mm; window pane package: 4/18/4/18/4 + CRT Ug=0,5 W/m2K

profile core colors

   The V-LINE 82 window and door system is the most versatile and complete system in our offer of PVC joinery. The structures built in this system are based on Class A profiles supplied by VEKA, a brand with over 50 years of experience in the industry. This Class A meets the requirements of PN-EN 12608-1+A1:2021-02 and thus guarantees increased resistance of PVC profiles to weather conditions, damage, and deformation. This is why V-LINE 82 is most frequently selected in the private housing sector.
v-line 82 windows

possibilities of implementation

   V-LINE 82 has a very wide range of applications: from traditional windows, front doors, and balcony doors to renovation windows and deep-frame Dutch windows, which are very popular in the Benelux countries. The system also offers non-standard structures, such as arches, circles, rakes, trapeziums, and PSK lift-and-slide patio doors.
standard windows
renovation windows
bevels trapezoids
arcs and circles
balcony doors
external doors
terrace tilt-slide doors
   In V-LINE 82 windows and doors, we use the fittings of the world-famous Siegenia brand. The TITAN AF series fittings guarantee a high level of security already in the standard version. In combination with the rotary mushroom, a special anti-burglar hitch protects against burglary. Those who appreciate a subtle window design can choose a non-standard solution – a concealed hinge side.
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Multiple colors and finishings

We offer the V-LINE 82 window and door profile system in several color variants*, including those imaging structure of various timber species and some metals, e.g. aluminum. You can select from several dozens of veneer colors that will surely allow you to let your imagination run free and select a window woodwork color smoothly matching or, on contrary, constrasting with a facade.

* Because of technological processes colors presented in Internet and hard copy materials may differ from original colors.

standard veneer colors

   V-LINE 82 window and door system is available in a wide range of woodgrain, various metal-like, and various metal and stone imitation veneers. In terms of color, customers have a wide range of options. They can order white windows, with veneer on both sides, or two-color windows, with white on the inside and anthracite on the outside, for example. The profile, i.e. the window core, can also be color-matched to the veneer. You can choose from four colors: white, brown, caramel, and gray.
golden oak
golden oak
swamp oak
swamp oak
anthracite grey smooth
anthracite grey smooth
anthracite grey
anthracite grey
+ more than 50 colors in the non-standard palette; for details ask the PVC Commercial Department at Amex-Bączek or our Trading Partners. Remember that actual colors may differ from those printed and published in the Internet.

dedicated handles

For the V-LINE 82 window system we offer the dedicated Medos DUBLIN or HOPPE Atlanta handles in the Secustik® technology.
   The V-LINE 82 system is intended to be used with one of the two types of handles, depending on the customer’s preferences and needs. For those who appreciate elegance, we recommend Medos DUBLIN handles which are available in many colors and two variants: brushed and sandblasted aluminium. For customers who expect more security, we offer Hoppe Atlanta handles with Secustik® technology. In both cases, the handles are equipped with a button or with a key as standard.
medos dublin handles
hoppe atlanta handles