pvc windows overview

   We produce PVC window and door systems using modern technological systems provided by Stürtz, a German company well known in the industry. We offer windows and doors based on systems of three renowned suppliers of PVC profiles: the German brands VEKA (V-LINE) and Gealan (G-LINE) and the Polish brand Wital (W-LINE).

   V-LINE 82 based on the highest class A PVC profiles is our most versatile window and door system. It is a perfect solution most often chosen by private housing customers. It allows building almost any construction: from standard windows and doors to renovation windows or NL Dutch windows. The system also includes non-standard structures, such as arches, circles, rakes, trapeziums, PVC windows with aluminum covers, and PSK tilt-and-slide patio doors. VEKI profiles are also used to build reliable HST V-SLIDE 82 patio doors up to 6,5 meters wide.

   In the Gealan line, we recommend the G-LINE 82 window and door system which is distinguished by the patented STV® technology (dry glazing). Thanks to this functionality, G-LINE 82 windows have greater stability and structural strength. In addition, they look more attractive from the outside with a special tape used instead of a traditional seal. In this line, we also recommend very tight G-SLIDE 74 sliding windows and doors for both patio doors and longitudinal sliding windows, often used in kitchens, for example.

   Customers who are looking for more economical solutions can choose W-LINE 80 windows constructed on Wital PVC profiles. Although they are competitively priced, they meet all the current standards for thermal transmittance (Uw). They have six chambers in the frame and the sash, and use packages consisting of three panes with a warm plastic frame (CRT).

Please see below our detailed offer of PVC windows and doors.