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basic information

v-slide 82 lift-slide systems profile depth
v-slide 82 lift-slide systems glass sheet package
v-slide 82 lift-slide systems gaskets
v-slide 82 lift-slide systems chambers in a frame
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RAL 9001
v-slide 82 lift-slide systems

v-slide 82 | with aluminum covers

   V-SLIDE 82 patio doors are available in a wide range of veneers: from traditional woodgrain to modern shades of gray and various metal-like veneers. It is also possible to use aluminum overlays on the PVC profile from the outside.              
   The V-SLIDE 82 frame core (profile) is always white while the sash core is available in white, caramel, brown, and cream RAL 9001.
v-slide 82 with aluminum covers

possibilities of implementation

   V-SLIDE 82 allows for the building two-, three-, and four-piece structures with a maximum width of up to 6,5 metres. Thanks to its versatility, the system guarantees more light, comfort, space, and functionalities.
Lift-and-slide V-SLIDE 82 doors are the perfect combination of internal and external space. They provide an attractive view, light and fresh air on request. On the other hand, they effectively protect against wind and other adverse weather conditions, as well as against uninvited guests. Whether you need a narrow or a wide passage, barrier-free opening to the garden or a high, yet user-friendly large glazing: thanks to high-quality, carefully thought-out system components, the optimum solution can be performed under all circumstances and in any architectural style. Moreover, V-SLIDE 82 can achieve relatively good thermal insulation coefficients and save on costs and energy, even with very large glazing.

v-slide 82 | types of thresholds

   HST V-SLIDE 82 lift-and-slide patio doors are based on Class A PVC profiles supplied by VEKA. In the V-SLIDE 82 standard, we use the Siegenia ECO PASS threshold (50 mm high). You can also choose a low 25 mm threshold and a barrier-free threshold with an aluminum overlay. The system also offers a second, optional VEKASLIDE threshold.
v-slide 82 siegenia eco pass standard threshold
v-slide 82 vekaslide optional threshold

standard threshold to v-slide 82

threshold 50mm eco pass to v-slide-82
low threshold 50 mm
weatherside profile | types - optional
weatherside profile | types - optional

additional thresholds to v-slide 82

barrier-free threshold eco pass to v-slide-82
barrier-free threshold
flat threshold 25 mm eco pass to v-slide-82
flat threshold 25 mm

Multiple colors and finishings

We offer the V-SLIDE 82 lift-slide terrace systems profile system in several color variants*, including those imaging structure of various timber species and some metals, e.g. aluminum. You can select from several dozens of veneer colors that will surely allow you to let your imagination run free and select a window woodwork color smoothly matching or, on contrary, constrasting with a facade.

* Because of technological processes colors presented in Internet and hard copy materials may differ from original colors.

colors of handles

   In the HST V-SLIDE 82 patio doors, Siegenia handles are used. You can choose between the following solutions: standard handle + pull, double-sided handle, and handle with PZ plate (key).
handles ral 9003
RAL 9003
handles ral 8022
RAL 8022
handles ev1 silver
EV1 silver
handles c33 light brown
C33 light-brown
handles f9 inox steel
F9 inox steel
handles si-old gold
Si-old gold