V-MOTION 82 pvc lift-slide terrace systems

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v-motion 82 | lift-slide terrace systems

   V-MOTION 82 is our latest patio door system. The structures are made of Class A PVC profiles supplied by VEKA. We use this system to make two-part doors (a sliding sash and a passive sash) and four-part doors (two sliding sashes and two passive sashes).

v-motion 82 | possibilities of implementation

v-motion 82 | scheme a

Two-part door with
lift-and-slide door-leaf
and glazed fixed part
v-motion 82 | scheme c

Four-part door with
2 lift-and-slide leaves opened to the outside
and 2 glazed fixed parts
   For V-MOTION 82 patio doors, we use fittings and handles made by Gretsch-Unitas, a German brand. G-U DIRIGENT handles are available in eight colors and the following variants: standard handle + pull, double-sided handle, and handle with PZ plate (with a keyhole opening).

Multiple colors and finishings

We offer the V-MOTION 82 window and door profile system in several color variants*, including those imaging structure of various timber species and some metals, e.g. aluminum. You can select from several dozens of veneer colors that will surely allow you to let your imagination run free and select a window woodwork color smoothly matching or, on contrary, constrasting with a facade.

* Because of technological processes colors presented in Internet and hard copy materials may differ from original colors.