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Aluminum MB-60E EI fire protection system

Logo MB-60E EI
The MB-60E EI fire protection system is intended for designing internal fire partitions with single-leaf and double-leaf doors, as well as doors with sidelights. The system is based on Aluprof solutions and is available in the EI30 fire resistance class. In MB-60E EI, all typical fireproof panes of various classes with a thickness of 5 to 41 mm can be used. The maximum weight of the door leaf / wall module is 120 kg.
Depth of
frame / mullion

60 mm

Depth of
leaf / transom

60 mm

Glazing range

5 - 41 mm

Fire resistance


Maximum structure size

2475 x
1400 mm

Thermal insulation Uf

not applicable

Technical data and specification of MB-60E EI fire protection system

MB-60E EI fire protection system
Depth of frame / mullion: 60 mm
Depth of leaf / transom: 60 mm
Glazing range: 5 - 41 mm
Fire resistance: EI30
Max. size of door leaf / curtain wall: 2475 x 1400 mm [H x L]
Max. weight of door leaf / curtain wall: 120 kg
Min. visible width T profile: door frame / mullion 62,5 / 55 mm; door leaf / transom 67 / 76 mm
Air permeability: Class 2; EN 12207
Water tightness: Class 3A; EN 12208
fire protection doors
fixed fire partitions

Selected paints available in aluminum systems based on Aluprof solutions

Aluminum fire protection systems and escape exit doors based on Aluprof solutions can be varnished in all RAL colors and in the Exclusive Edition woodgrain varnish patterns, examples of which are presented below. If you want to see all the color palettes of veneers and varnishes for our PVC and ALU windows and doors, go to the section Window Colors [button below].

Examples of Aluprof Exclusive Edition paint patterns

golden oak
(ADEC D101)
(ADEC M102)
(ADEC M103)
(ADEC S106)
(ADEC K101)
swamp oak
(ADEC D502)

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