PVC window fittings

With the TITAN AF fittings by Siegenia you are the best catch in town.

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Rotary knob

  • allows to open, tilt and close windows smoothly and trouble-free
  • automatically adjusts to changing conditions, e.g. temperature
  • ensures always optimally set and durable closing system
  • allows for smooth pressure adjustment
rotary knob

Anti-pry catch

Anti-pry catch
Thanks to the new generation of frame elements perfectly adjusted to rotary knobs, the TITAN product family defines new standards regarding security and friction level during exploitation.

  • perfect mix of plastics and steel ensuring so far unreachable level of friction
  • attractive design of standard and anti-pry catches

Hinge side

Upper hinge

  • compact frame hinge with innovative design
  • also fits in with narrow profiles
  • angular hinge with plastic bushing for braking and friction decreasing purposes

Lower hinge

  • plastic bushing decreases friction
  • integrated lock of hinge pin location assures save sash installation
  • optimum hinge setting with no need to move it laterally
Hinge side

Covered hinge side

Covered hinge side
Subtle design of the TITAN axxent 24+ covered hinge side proves that things that are unseen can also be a gold standard for high quality and style.

  • covered hinges ensure subtle window appearance
  • exceptional durability and slow pace of wear and tear
  • seamless sealing ensures perfect thermal and accoustic insulation
  • several adjustment options allow to maintain easy sash operation for a long time
  • lower hinge is protected against staining by means of the appropriately selected shield
Covered hinge side window

Finger lift

Finger lift
A sash lift is not only a detail deciding about comfort of users, but it also improves window durability.

  • smoothly lifts a sash during closing from the opened position
  • can be mounted later after installation of a window

Air latch

Air latch
Whether it is a window or a balcony door you have in mind, an air latch enables even easier and more convenient closing and tilting.

  • smooth adjustment to the tilted position thanks to the braking bushing
  • integrated anti-slam mechanism in the tilted position
  • lock in the tilted position prevents from incorrect window handling
  • high carrying capacity with minimum friction and increased comfort of use thanks to the serial plastic sliding track of high quality

Movable post bolt

A movable post bolt defines completely new standards of comfort and security.

  • integrated anti-burglary lock of passive sash fitting through an active sash fitting
  • optional, elegant and also very practical handle extension provides smooth operation in case of large sashes and the high anti-burglary level (plenty of catches)
Movable post bolt

Multi-functional corner

Multi-functional corner
It is designed for sashes of any allowable sizes and forms, allowing to lift a sash in an appropriate moment. In comparison with other corners, it can also perform the following functions:
  • tilt catch
  • bolt with support of a rotary plunger
  • sash lift
  • lock of incorrect sash handling


  • allows to open, tilt and close windows smoothly and trouble-free
  • ensures always optimally set and long-lasting closing system
  • facilitates smooth sash positioning in a frame
  • securing of a window in the opened and tilted positions